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DB12DD 10.8V

DB12DD 10.8V

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Short head for easy use in narrow places


  • Compact, lightweight and equipped with a high-power brushless motor
  • Ideal for electrical and equipment construction
  • Excellent lightness, easy to operate with a total length of 120 mm
  • 20-stage clutch
  • With hand tightening mechanism
  • With LED light

※Bit sold separately

 Equipped Function and etc


Part number DB12DD
Ability Drilling Steel: Diameter 10mm


Diameter 12mm Wood: Diameter 29mm
Screw tightening Small thread: Thread

diameter 6 mm Wooden screw (with lower hole): Call diameter 5.8× length 45 mm
Motor DC Brushless Motor
Tip shape Hex Axis Bi-Face Width 6.35mm
Tightening torque 1 Approx. 0.6N/m
5 約1.0N・m
10 約1.9N・m
15 約3.0N・m
20 約4.0N・m
ドリル Low speed: Approx.

36N/m High speed: Approx. 14N/m
Maximum *1 Low speed: Approx.

38N/m High speed: Approx. 15N/m
No-load rpm Fast 0-440min-1 (times per minute)
Slow 0-1,700min-1 (times per minute)
Aircraft dimensions (total length× height× width) 120×219×74mm (with BSL1240M)
Mass 1.0kg (with BSL1240M)
Usable storage batteries Sliding lithium-ion battery BSL 12XX series
Standard accessories DB12DD (2LS) Lithium

Ion Battery BSL1240M (4.0Ah) ×2Pcs, Quick Charger (UC12SL),

Case, Battery Cover

※Storage battery, charger, case sold separately

*1:Rigid tightening torque (measured value when a rigid body without springability is tightened directly by impact from full speed rotation)