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Electric circular saw C7ss 190mm

Electric circular saw C7ss 190mm

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Easy to cut with simple function! Equipped with a large motor, high power 1050W!


  • 190mm circular saw
  • Maximum in-depth 68mm
  • Steel base
  • With brakes
  • Equipped with a large motor! High-power 1,050W
  • Cut adjustment one-touch lever that can adjust the depth of the cut smoothly!
  • Rear discharge method with little scattering of cu



    Part Number C7SS
    Base Iron plate
    Ability The diameter of the saw blade 190mm
    Mounting hole diameter 20mm
    Depth of cut 90 degrees: 0 to 68 mm (2 minutes in 2 minutes) 45 degrees:

    0 to 46 mm (5 minutes per day)
    Power Single-phase 100V
    Current 11.0A
    Power consumption 1,050W
    Number of revolutions 5,500min-1 [times/min]
    Mass 3.6kg
    Code 2 hearts, 5m
    Fitted carbon brush No, 43
    Standard accessories C7SS

    190mm chip saw (52-blade No.0032-0268),

    box spanner, guide

    Box Spanner, Guide