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Electric circurar saw C5MEY

Electric circurar saw C5MEY

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1)Saw blade diameter: 125mm
2)Depth of cut: 47mm
3)Fast cutting speed, lightweight and compact body
4)Resistant to voltage drop
5)Recommended for renovation and interior sites with silent mode High-precision 6)cutting with an all-in-one aluminum base
7)Blower mechanism
8)Cutting rear discharge (can be connected to the dust collecter)
9)High-intensity LED light


Part Number C5MEY
a saw blade Outer diameter 125mm
Mounting hole diameter 20mm
Depth of cut 90 degrees 47mm
45 degrees 30mm
Power Single-phase 100V
Current 12.0A
Power consumption 1,050W
Load-free revolutions (power mode): 5,000min-1 [times/min]

(silent mode): 2,500min-1 [times/min]
Aircraft dimensions (total length× total height× full width) 254×230 ×176mm
Mass 2.2kg
Code 2 hearts, 5m
Standard accessories 125mm chip saw (40P blade number: No.0037-3768),

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