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TD110D 10.8V

TD110D 10.8V

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Tightening torque &
speed improvement 10.8V sliding battery charge impact driver

  • Maximum tightening torque: 110N/m
  • Powerful and speedy tightening even in small size and light weight
  • Easy-to-grip grip shape
  • Sliding battery reduces battery sticking and poor

    contact for improved durability
  • LED light (pre-rotation lighting & afterglight function)

  • Grip shape that is easy to grip: Grip shape that is hard to get tired because it is thin and easy to grip
  • Improved durability: Sliding battery improves battery retention, reduces battery sticking and poor contact, and improves durability
  • Fast charging: The battery after tool use can be charged in about 22 minutes * by efficiently charging while the charger cools the built-in fan.
    * The fastest charging time when the battery BL1015 is charged with the charger DC10SA.

Amount of work per charge (approximate) / screw tightening ※1

1.5Ah Wooden Screw (Rowan) φ4.2×65 mm About 110 bottles

*1:Figures are for reference only. It varies depending on the battery charge status and working conditions.


Part number TD110D
Maximum tightening torque 110N/ m
Screw tightening ability Thread: M4 to M8,

Bolt: M5

to M12, High Strength

Bolt: M5 to M10 Course Thread: 22 to 90 mm
Number of revolutions 0 to 2,600 min-1[rotation per minute]
Number of strikes 0 to 3,500 min-1[times per minute]
Machine dimensions (length× width× height) 153×66×204mm
Mass 1.0kg (including battery)
Standard accessories TD110DSHX/W

+ Bit 2-65, Hook
TD110DZ / W

+ Bit 2-65, Hook
* Battery, Charger, Case Sold Separately


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