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TD111D 10.8V
TD111D 10.8V
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TD111D 10.8V

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Small size, light weight, high power! 10.8V Series Premier Rechargeable Impact Driver

  • Maximum tightening torque: 135N/m
  • Powerful and speedy tightening even in small size and light weight
  • Excellent fit
    Optimal grip shape that is thin diameter and hard to get tired
  • Durability
    is improved There are many terminal contact points and hold firmly in this unit
  • LED Light
  • Set the "easy mode" that is ideal for

    long screw tightening work, and you can select the mode from 3 patterns according to the work


Amount of work per charge (approximate)※2

 - Wooden Screw (Rowan) φ3.8×45 mm Wooden Screw (Rowan) φ4.2×65 mm Machine Screw (Steel) M8×16mm
BL1040B (4.0Ah) About 580 bottles Approximately 320 bottles Approximately 2,100 bottles
BL1015 (1.5Ah) Approximately 230 bottles About 130 bottles Approximately 820 bottles
*2: Figures are for reference only. It varies depending on the battery charge status and working conditions.


Part number TD111D
Maximum tightening torque 135N / m
Screw tightening ability Thread: M4 ~

M8 Normal Bolt: M5 ~ M14


Strength Bolt: M5 ~ M12 Course Thread: 22 ~ 90 mm
Strike mode Strong / Weak
Number of revolutions (Strong) 0 to 3,000 min-1[Rotation/min]

(Weak) 0 to 1,300 min-1[Rotation/min]
Number of strikes (Strong) 0 to 3,900 min-1[Times/min]

(Weak) 0 to 1,600 min-1[Times/min]
Machine dimensions (length× width× height) 135×66×229mm (with BL1040B)

135×66×210mm (with BL1015)
Mass 1.1kg (with BL1040B)

0.97kg (with BL1015)
Standard accessories TD111DSMX/B+Bit

2-65, Hook

+Bit 2-65, Hook
TD111DZ / B

+ Bit 2-65, Hook
※ Battery/ Charger / Case Sold Separately


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