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Impact Driver 6955

Impact Driver 6955

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1)Optimum grip shape that is easy to grip!
2)It can be replaced left and right, and it is also available for scaffolding and footing. New shape hook to be hanged
3)Phosphorescent banger, push-button positive reversal switch
4)Hammer case cover

Product Specifications

Name of the product 6955 6955SPK
Screw-tightening capability Small screw: M4 to M10mm
Normal bolt: M6 to M14mm
High-strength bolt: M6 to M12mm
Maximum tightening torque 145N
Number of revolutions 0~2,600min-1(back/points)
Number of strokes 0~3,500min-1(back/points)
Power. Single-phase 100V
Current. 4.8A
Power consumption 400W
Quality. 1.2kg
Code 5m 10m
Accessories Plastic case, hook, plus bit

2-65 square bit 2-65
  • Adaptive Carbon Brushes.No.408