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WHP14DBL 14.4V

WHP14DBL 14.4V

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Quiet impact driver that can be used with peace of mind even in the field where sound is a problem


  • Ideal for residential areas and renovation site work
  • Low noise 70 dB
  • Equipped with a small
    pulse unit and brushless motor Compact and well-balanced, making it easy to work around and improving work efficiency
  • Maximum tightening torque: 33N, m{336.7kgf/ cm}
  • For 18V/14.4V batteries
  • With LED light

※Bit sold separately

Amount of work per charge (approximate)

Battery Nagesivis φ4.5 × 90 mm (Lawan Material, No Lower Hole)
6.0Ah(BSL1460) About 580 bottles
3.0Ah(BSL1430) About 250 bottles



Part number WHP14DBL
Tightening capacity Small screws M4~8
Course thread screws 22~120mm
Ordinary Bolts M5~M10
Tex screws φ3.5~φ6
Hex axis bi-face width 6.35mm
Maximum tightening torque 33N/ m{336.7kgf/cm}
No-load rpm Weak mode 0-1,000min-1{times/min}
Medium mode 0-1,700min-1{times/min}
Strong mode 0-2,800min-1{times/min}
Text mode
Number of strikes Weak mode 0-800min-1{stroke/min}
Medium mode 0 to 1,700min-1{blows per minute}
Strong mode 0-2,900min-1{strikes per minute}
Text mode
Aircraft dimensions (× height× center height) 136×237×29mm (with storage battery installed)
Mass 1.5 kg (with BSL1460/1430)
Standard accessories WHP14DBL (2LYPK) Storage

Battery BSL1460×2, Quick Charger (UC18YDL), Case, Battery Cover