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Oil Palse driver WP12VA

Oil Palse driver WP12VA


Even in the renovation work of the residential area and the apartment where the sound is worried by a soft blow sound, work can be done without worrying about surroundings .

  • Cut the metal strike sound with the oil pulse mechanism
  • Unique cooling fins that are strength to continuous work
  • Tightening speed is hard to fall
  • The strike force (tightening force) can be switched according to the application.
  • Light, smooth and long-life electronic switch
  • High efficiency and economical with brushless motor
  • Maximum torque: 30N/m

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Part Number WP12VA
Tightening ability Small screw 4 to 8mm
Wood screw 3.5 to 9.5mm
Maximum tightening torque N.m. 30N.m.306kgf/cm
Load-free revolutions Strongest 0 to 2,600min-1
Strong 0 to 2,300min-1
In 0 to 2,000min-1
Weak 0 to 1,300min-1
Number of strokes Strongest 0 to 1,700min-1
Strong 0 to 1,400min-1
In 0 to 1,200min-1
Weak 0 to 850min-1
Power Single-phase exchange, 100V
Current 3.8A
Power consumption 360W
Code 2-core, 10m
Dimensions Total length 194 × height 211mm
Total weight 1.4kg (excluding cords and hooks)
Standard accessories Hooks, Case
Tightening and loosening of bolts cannot be used because they cause failure.